Principal’s Message

Greetings and welcome to a brand-new academic year at Dr. Manuel C. Barreiro Elementary School! As the newly appointed Principal, I am thrilled to share in the excitement of embarking on a journey filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable experiences.

The excitement will continue at MCBE, Where adventures spark dreams!

This year we will weave the camping theme into our 2023-2024 adventure. Just as a successful camping trip requires careful planning, teamwork, and a spirit of exploration, so does embarking on a new academic journey. I am truly excited to join this dynamic community of learners, and I look forward to partnering with you to provide an enriching and unforgettable educational experience for your children.

Our school is a lot like a vibrant campsite, bustling with the laughter and curiosity of young minds. Just like any great camping adventure, there will be challenges, triumphs, and a lot of personal growth along the way. I believe in fostering an environment where students learn from both and develop the skills they need to navigate the trails of life. As we set up our “tents and light the campfire of curiosity,” let’s remember that education is a journey that thrives on collaboration and a strong partnership between school and home.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. Get ready for a year full of adventures, discoveries, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Warmest regards,

Deborah Leal