• Ayuden a las víctimas del Huracán Matthew en Haitì – Ede Viktim Siklòn Matthew yo ann Ayiti Hurricane Relief Flier

  • West End Living App

    West End Living App

    The West End’s new mobile app provides access to the latest information on what is happening in your West End community. By using the app,...

  • “Magnificent Mini Mondays” Lunch Contest

    “Magnificent Mini Mondays” Lunch Contest

    For 10 weeks, from September 12, 2016 – November 18, 2016, all students who eat school lunch each day of the week will automatically be...

  • Breakfa$t Bonu$ Buck$ Conte$t

    Breakfa$t Bonu$ Buck$ Conte$t

    Weekly drawings. Must eat school breakfast each day of the week to qualify!